The Team

DIGITAL DOJO offers a distinct video production experience. Our roster of experienced and talented producers, directors and cinematographers allows us to match industry quality production on an affordable level.
With over 15 years of film and commercial industry experience, we’ve earned our reputation for quality media production and post production work supporting National and International clients.
Our team approach focuses on delivering your visual message to your target audience, whether it be an entertainment, corporate, or informational project.

The creative team behind Digital Dojo Studio:

Steven Maes
Producer, Director, Art Director
Steven has over 15 years experience in art direction, graphic design and audio production. As an award winning audio engineer in the New Mexico Music Industry, Steven turned his creative sites on film production and graphic design. He is an Art Director’s Guild Award winner, and designed iconic images for Emmy Award Nominated productions including Breaking Bad, and the Academy Award nominated film In The Valley Elah. Steven is a member of the Art Director’s Guild Local 800 Los Angeles

Damian Montoya
Producer, Director, Editor, Colorist, Visual Effects/Motion Graphics Artist
Damian has been working in electronic cinema for more than fifteen years.  Before starting Digital Dojo, he worked for Christopher Coppola as an editor and visual effects/motion graphics artists and Chief Technical Officer for 5 years.  He has worked on national commercials, television shows, feature films, short films, and documentaries. Being on the technology forefront has given Damian the ability to produce high end products on any budget and prides himself on never believing something is good enough.

Kayleigh Maes – Cinematographer
Videographer, Social Media Marketing Specialist
Kayleigh is a professional photographer and videographer. A graduate of the University of New Mexico Fine Arts program, Kayleigh has worked on award winning film projects, and is a recognizable actress in such films as the Emmy Winning Amazon Mini-Series, Godless, and featured in the AMC series, Breaking Bad.

Brian Carson – Studio Operations / Producer